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10 Ways to Make a Healthy Relationship

People often ask me what things they can do, to keep their relationship alive and well. Here are ten ways you can do that. The more you do, the better your relationship will be.

  1. Build a culture of appreciation, respect, and tolerance. Live your days appreciating and showing your partner respect. What is the point of being in a relationship if you do not respect or appreciate your partner?
  1. Develop trust through sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings. If you just keep telling your partner everything is great and never share what you really think or feel about something, how will they ever know who you really are?
  1. Make time and create a relaxed atmosphere to interact with your partner. The best part of being in a relationship, is having a special person to hang out with. Making time for the two of you to be together without interruptions will go along way to having a healthy relationship.
  1. Discuss expectations to avoid misunderstands. By knowing each other’s expectations will lessen the times for misunderstanding.
  1. Prepare for conflict and discuss how you will repair it. So, what do we do when we disagree? How will we resolve disagreements? Don’t want any conflict then work out how you will stop disagreements becoming conflict.
  1. Communicate effectively. Scrolling through Facebook on your phone or checking the footy scores on your phone while your partner is talking to you – is not effective communication. Looking directly at your partner they speak to you is communicating effectively.
  1. Develop Rituals of Connection. How do we keep the fire burning? Is sex just something we do or is it a loving experience?
  1. Attune to you partner. What makes your partner tick? What do they like or dislike? Do you know how they feel loved and appreciated?
  1. Establish a regular Stress-Reducing Conversation. If you try to have serious discussions while tired or hungry or thinking about something else, then that conversation is usually going to be painful and/or end in an argument.
  1. Accept and give forgiveness. If you get it wrong, you expect your partner to forgive you. Do you forgive them when they get it wrong?

Need help to make these happen in your relationship? Please reach out!

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