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6 Lies We Tell Ourselves

I talk to a lot of people during the week and hear many reasons why someone’s life is not going liked they want it to. Some of the common ones are:

Lie #1: Something else will make me happy.

Changing your job is only changing your job. Moving to a different work environment will not change who you are. You must choose to be happy, grateful, and fulfilled, no matter where you are.

Lie #2: I will start tomorrow.

A big reason most of us never get anything done is that we put it off until tomorrow. When you do not really want to not do something, you’ll find an excuse. Plan for a goal and think about how you can achieve it.

Lie #3: I am not good enough or will never be good enough.

This is probably the biggest reason I hear why someone is a workaholic, people pleasing, plays the pokies, does drugs, or abuses alcohol. I will never be anything, so what is the point of trying. If I see myself as worthless, then my life will be worthless. Until you can acknowledge your hard work and your achievements then your life cannot get any better.

Lie #4: I will never get past this.

You cannot ignore pain in your life. The only thing you can do is find a way to embrace the good that came out of it – even if it takes years to discover what that is. You can live through something that rocks your world off its axis. More than merely surviving the loss, you can thrive. You can survive because living is the greatest honour you can give the person you lost… even if the person who has gone was your younger, more innocent self.

Lie #5: I need a drink.

Drinking can be an attempt to escape, but you cannot escape the realities of your life forever. In the short-term, drinking can appear to help cope with what you cannot deal with. But, in the end, abusing alcohol will only make your life more difficult. The sooner you stop using alcohol as a crutch, the sooner it will stop being in control of your life.

Lie #6: I need a hero.

Only you have the power to choose to change your life. Nobody – not God, your partner, your parents, or your best friends – can make you into something without you choosing to accept their help.  You can change your life. Stop waiting for someone else to do it for you. You have the power to change if you choose to.

Stop assuming, that someday your life will magically improve on its own and presuming that if you only had the right job, the right partner, the right house, the right car that your life will become what you have always dreamed of.

Be honest about who you are and what you need to do to make a change.

Stop the negative self-talk, stop abusing your body, stop putting it off for tomorrow or next week or next year. Get up, right now. Rise up from where you have been and start again.

It is your choice to live the way you live!

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