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7 Things To Avoid When Infidelity Has Been Discovered

None of us enter an intimate relationship thinking the other person will cheat on us.

We just assume and expect they will be trustworthy and loyal to us. “I love you and you love me”, equals/means “you won’t cheat on me”.

However, infidelity can – and does – happen. Most people say to themselves, “If I ever find out that you’ve cheated on me, then I will show you the door”. But when infidelity is discovered, often the response to the news that we’ve been cheated on can lead to some actions that seem to be reasonable at the time but often can make saving the relationship extremely hard to the point where those actions end the relationship permanently.

A few years ago, I wrote an eBook about 7 things to avoid when infidelity has been discovered.

These 7 items are things you need to think about carefully and – in my opinion – avoid doing. Why? Well, they just make reconciliation much harder in the short and longer term. Does this mean if you go ahead and do them the relationship is as good as over? No, it does not!

Working over the years with many couples, I know that these 7 seven things just make it harder for the two partners to stay together in the long term.

The two biggest ones I see are posting it on Facebook and acting too quickly.

If you would like a copy, you can access it here.

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