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8 Tips to Avoid Burnout in Ministry


Christmas is almost here and you have so many things to do … how do you avoid burnout? How do you face a new year and avoid a repeat?

Here are 8 simple tips to keep you healthy for your family and your ministry.

  1. Create and implement rituals. Create daily and weekly rituals to maintain your well-being. Never neglect your daily time with God. Remember that taking “time out” will make you more effective and productive. This also includes having your day of rest (time not working).
  2. Nourish positive relationships. Those you spend time with away from your work have a direct relationship on your mental well-being. Intentionally spend time with people who build you up, and avoid those who pull you down. Your family is your support network – cherish your partner and children and don’t put them last.
  3. Screen time. Screen time boundaries apply to you as much as to your children! Establishing screen free time will seem incredibly difficult, but the feeling of freedom will be immense. (Set screen free times for all the family, especially at mealtimes and 2 hours before bedtime.)
  4. Breathe! Over time with too much on our schedules, we forget to breathe deeply. Breathing deeply allows more oxygen into our bloodstream which creates a heap of positive effects. Be intentional and you will create a healthy habit. This also means taking a breath between mouthfuls!
  5. Diet and exercise (yes, I snuck them in!) are very important as, when we’re busy, we tend to over-eat, under-eat or eat meals too far apart. Drinking lots of water is essential to keep us hydrated. Tea and coffee do not hydrate; in fact, they are dehydrating.
  6. If you’re a people-pleaser, then you find it difficult to say ‘no’. Remember that saying ‘yes’ erases healthy boundaries and increases people’s expectations of you. Think, take a rain check, or count to 10 before saying ‘yes’. Be comfortable with saying ‘no’.
  7. Make every minute count. For big projects, do one or a few pieces at a time. Waiting until you have the time to do the whole ‘project’ may result in running out of time and having crazy deadlines. Start it now!
  8. Distinguish between the ‘urgent’ and the ‘important’. Concentrating on the urgent may mean the important doesn’t get done. Think about what you want to achieve, and what will get you there.

For more resources about stress in the workplace, check out our resources on our website.

Adapted from 7 Hot Tips for Avoiding Burnout by Margie Warrell in, Spring 2016.

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