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8 Tips to Avoid Burnout in Ministry

Christmas is almost here and you have so many things to do … how do you avoid burnout? How do you face a new year and avoid a repeat? Here are 8 simple tips to keep you healthy for your family and your ministry. Create and implement rituals. Create daily and weekly rituals to maintain your well-being. Never neglect your daily time with God. Remember that taking “time out” will make you more effective and productive. This also includes having... read more

What’s Your Plan, Stan?

Christmas 2016 is looming! Where’s your plan? The end-of-year functions have commenced, work projects must be finished, gifts need to be bought and wrapped, the house isn’t ready, the menu isn’t made so the grocery list isn’t … and the holiday childcare isn’t sorted either. Time is rushing by … But the family squabbles are happening already! Where is Christmas? Who will we invite? What about gifts... read more

A Healthy Workplace Includes Fun …

Having fun at work makes for a healthy workplace. Laughter, fun and play in the workplace can lead to improved morale, participation, and involvement among employees. Recognition and appreciation can also play a vital role in boosting productivity among hard-working co-workers. We enjoy having fun and laughter in our personal lives, so why would we not enjoy fun and laughter in the workplace? When was the last time your workplace had some fun?... read more

Employer Engagement Leads to a Healthy Workplace

If only employee engagement was as easy as saying this. Considerable evidence indicates that increased levels of stress in a workplace can lead to mental distress. Employees in workplaces with high psychosocial* risk are more likely to have mental disorders. Workplaces that do not attend to psychosocial risks are likely to make existing employee conditions worse and impede efforts toward effective treatment and rehabilitation. A supportive work... read more

Reduce stress in your life

For many of us there are people and places that make us nervous, sad, angry or stressed. Life would be so great if we could avoid these places or people. BUT most of the time we can’t avoid them. To lessen the stress of going to these places or meeting these people – think how we can minimise the time we are there with them. If being at the supermarket is hard for us, work out how we could do our shopping more quickly or identify when there are... read more

Don’t get trashed

Some days are just hard. If we acknowledge that some days are hard and let those days trash us then it will take much more effort to get through that day. Why do we let bad days trash us? A poor night’s sleep, having a cold or hearing some bad news will make our day tough and hard to get through. If we let our headache or feeling tired ruin our day then they will make that day “the day where everything went wrong”. But if we start the day... read more

We do Skype Appointments

Is distance a problem? If you live in another city, state, or country (yes, we do have overseas clients), we offer appointments via Skype or phone.

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