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Dealing With Toxic People

Today I want to give you some ways to deal with the toxic people in your life.

  1. Don’t wait for an apology – it will never come (if you do get an apology, they are softening you up to abuse you).
  2. Understand that it’s okay to walk away – unless you do, you will just keep getting bruised.
  3. Focus on healthy relationships instead – hang around people who do not use or abuse you but make you feel worthy.
  4. Phase out contact – slowly but surely move away from the toxic people in your life.
  5. Stop making excuses – either you break contact, or you will keep being hurt.
  6. Let go of hope – they are not going to change, no matter how much you do for them.
  7. Make your last encounter a brief one – each encounter needs to be as brief, so you walk away less bruised and abused.
  8. Give yourself a deadline – unless you make a date to end things with them, you will still be there next month and the month after that.
  9. Allow yourself to be heartbroken – if you end a relationship of any kind with a toxic person, they will make you feel like that you are the toxic person. Why? In their view, they are perfect and can do no wrong.

Walking away from a toxic relationship isn’t easy but it takes bravery and always right.

Letting go will come with guilt, anger, and rage but it is these feelings that teach us the most about ourselves and what we want from life.

No relationship is worth destroying and diminishing the light that shines within us.

Knowing when to walk away when the time is right and doing it, is essential to stop toxic people consuming you.

When do you need to start? Give me a call if need help to do this!

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