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How To Get Past Guilt!

Guilt is an issue that often pops up in my sessions with clients.

Healthy guilt warns us to stop a negative behaviour and push/encourage us towards a positive behaviour.

But when our guilt becomes excessive (constant condemning message in our head) it actually creates a vicious cycle which reinforces the habit we feel guilty about!

We feel bad, so we comfort eat, drink too much, work long hours or starve ourselves.

Then we feel guilty, so to feel better, what do we do?

We go and repeat the over eating or drinking …

Which makes us feel guilty even more.

And so we get trapped in doing what we do not want to do.

However, if you learn to accept your negative feelings and thoughts – they go back to encouraging/rewarding us to something positive.

When you start to accept your feelings, you less likely to over eat or drink.

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