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How to Romance Your Valentine …


Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers ….

For those of us in a long-term relationship, how do we keep that romantic spark alive?

It can be that our relationship becomes a little humdrum once the honeymoon period is over. Research shows it would be physically harmful for our bodies to operate continuously at the same peak level for a long period of time. Our hormones cannot remain at that high “honeymoon” level we experience at the beginning of a relationship.

For many, the drop in hormones and lack of buzz say the love is over. “I don’t love him or her anymore” … they may leave the relationship and find another with the same feelings of “honeymoon” elation.

But again the hormones dwindle and “I don’t love him or her anymore” … and perhaps that cycle begins again.

In a long-term relationship it can be difficult sometimes to even remember romance and passion as life becomes so busy with work, children, home chores, paying bills, and laundry to name just a few.

So here are 2 tips to keep your romance alive and sparking:

  1. Remember the beginning!

What attracted you to your partner? What made the sparks fly when you first met? What did you love about him? How did she spark your interest? What activities did you enjoy? Simple things like a walk, a picnic, talking on the phone, playing a game, a jigsaw, chores together?

How many of those then attractive qualities in your partner do you now take for granted or resent? What activities have you stopped that brought you such joy?

  1. Romance Your Valentine!

Pick one standout quality of your partner from when you first met and treasure that again. Tell them, or show them, how much it meant to you!

It’s good to tell your partner you love them … whether you say it or you write it in lipstick on the mirror. (Careful, guys, if you use her lipstick – better to buy a cheapie or use a red whiteboard marker!)

Then each of you choose one activity you enjoyed together – and do it!

You don’t need money – only imagination and time!

A wise person once said that if you think good things, you will say good things. The same goes for the not-so-good.

Research shows that it takes 5 positive comments to overcome the effect of 1 negative comment. That huge ratio shows that many more positive comments need to be leaving your lips than the other kind!

How does the one you love – Your Valentine – know that you love them?

Why not show them today?

Happy Valentine’s Day – Every Day!

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