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I Say, “Positive Thinking Is Hogwash!”

“Positive thinking” is Over-rated.

And Even Dangerous!

Excessive positivity is just as dangerous as excessive negativity.

The negative person, head down to the ground, stumbles along the train tracks moaning, “I have such bad luck, I’ll probably get knocked over by a train.”

And gets knocked over by a train.

Meanwhile the positive person with their head in the clouds, skips along the tracks with so much positivity that they are blind to the danger, telling themselves, “I have such good luck, I’ll never get knocked over by a train.”

And gets knocked over by a train.

The wise optimist walks beside the tracks, and when the train comes by it safely whizzes past them!
The excessively positive person tells themselves over and over, “I know that this will happen. I believe it will happen. It’s going to happen!”

But what if it does not?

The optimistic person cheerfully thinks, “I would like this to happen, but if it doesn’t, I’ll be ok.”

The excessively positive person denies their fear (or refuses to accept life can be hard) and believes that there is only one of everything and is secretly afraid of missing out.

Afraid that if they do not get that one job, they will be unfulfilled.

Afraid that if they lose that one person, they will be forever alone.

Afraid that if they miss out on that one pair of shoes / car / house / etc that there will never be another.

The optimistic person would prefer to have the relationship, get the job, wear the shoes, buy the car, and live in the house.

But they are not afraid of missing

The optimist lives in a universe of infinite abundance and unlimited possibilities, and they know that whatever happens, they will be ok.

They acknowledge their fear, but they are not afraid of their fear.

They believe in themselves and trust that things will turn out okay.

When they are knocked down, they know they will find their feet again.

So rather than being positive, afraid, and blind, be confident, wise, and optimistic and most of all be content where you find yourself!

Where do you live?

In negativity or positivity or know life can be hard and learn to use the hard times as a way to better yourself?





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