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Is Yours a Mentally Healthy Workplace?

mental-healthy-workplaceA report was recently released by Price Waterhouse Coopers about this issue.
A quick summary of this report follows:

  • A mentally healthy workplace reduces costs.
  • Untreated depression costs Australian employers $12.3 billion every year through absenteeism, reduced productivity and staff turnover.
  • The effect of untreated depression in the workplace also includes:
    • Three to four days off work per month for each person experiencing depression.
    • Over 6 million working days lost each year in Australia.
    • 12 million days of reduced productivity each year.
  • Other effects of a mentally unhealthy workplace include poor morale and staff engagement, high staff turnover and potential penalties for breaches of workplace health and safety legislation.

The business’s reputation is also at risk among potential clients, customers and employees.

Signs one’s workplace is not a Mentally Healthy Work site include:

  • Working under high pressure or facing stressful demanding situations.
  • Most jobs needing to be done yesterday.
  • Never getting a chance to tidy up or catch your breath before the next job is started.
  • Smoking more when at work.
  • Vomiting or nausea when preparing to go to work – but not on the weekend, only on the days of work.
  • Never getting a chance to eat your lunch without interruption or eating it on the run or at your computer.
  • Having staff on WorkCover where stress or fatigue is part of their health concerns.

If you need help to get your workplace Mentally Healthy, please call me on 0407 585 497.

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