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Reduce stress in your life

For many of us there are people and places that make us nervous, sad, angry or stressed. Life would be so great if we could avoid these places or people. BUT most of the time we can’t avoid them.

To lessen the stress of going to these places or meeting these people – think how we can minimise the time we are there with them.

Person who appears stressed

If being at the supermarket is hard for us, work out how we could do our shopping more quickly or identify when there are less people shopping.

If a person stresses us, think about how we can minimise the time we have to spend with them.

If we meet a person or enter a place that stresses us; don’t let that overwhelm us. Take 5 deep breaths and tell ourselves that we’re only here for a short time and then we will be leaving to something better and happier.

REMEMBER … Better and happier is good!


About David Lawson

Finding the Light is a locally owned and operated counselling and life coaching business based in Bundaberg. We seek to empower our clients to find their way forward to a better life by using the approaches of counselling or coaching. If this blog article has raised more questions please contact us by email or call us on 0407 585 497 to arrange a time for us to discuss the article. Mention this blog and we will give you a FREE 30 minute session to discuss.

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