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Self Confidence: Start Building Yours Today!

Having a lack of self-confidence or a low confidence can often affect all areas of your life. It can affect you while out with friends, while giving a presentation and while meeting new people, to name but a few.

Confidence issues can happen for many different reasons and over time they become so commonplace that we just expect them to happen.

If you are dealing with confidence issues at the moment, you will understand just how it can affect your life and sometimes even stop, you from doing things that you really want to.

For some people it stops them from being in their dream job or meeting new people. I have met people that still haven’t found a spouse in their 40’s as they say that they are just too shy, or no one likes them.

Below are some tips that I give to my clients to help them regain their confidence.

  1. Hang out with positive people – Positive, enthusiastic, and passionate people are contagious. Surround yourself with them and allow their confidence to brush off on you. By being around positive people, you will learn how they confidently deal with things in their life that would throw you off course.
  2. Make a list of why you are not – With this tip, write down all the reasons that tell you that you are not good enough, a failure, useless, etc. and then write down 3 or 4 reasons that proves each of these wrong. Whenever you doubt yourself, read your list of reasons.
  3. Watch what you say to yourself – We all talk to ourselves as we think about things. We say things like, ‘I’m not good enough!’ ‘Why would anyone want to be my friend?’ This type of inner talk can be quite negative as it closes your mind to finding a solution. Instead saying something like, ‘How can I be better?’ or ‘How can I be a good friend?’ tells your brain to start for a solution, rather than beating up yourself.
  4. Make a change – If you find that part of your life is causing you to lack confidence – change it! Look for ways to do what you do differently. Remember though that you set the limit on what is impossible, so open your mind and consciously decide what you can and can’t do rather than just relying on your emotions to make these decisions for you.

These things will make a difference in your life, BUT they will not be easy to implement as you are not used to living your life in a way that does not involve you putting you down.

However, one step at a time and you will over time grow your self-confidence.

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