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Toxic People

Most of us have someone in their life who drain us no matter what we are doing.

They are manipulative and give you the run around no matter how hard you try to do thing things their way.

Some common traits of a toxic person:

  • They thrive on drama and chaos, which gets them sympathy and attention.
  • They need to be the centre of attention.
  • They cannot tell the truth.
  • They are always right.
  • They rarely say anything nice about others.
  • They are usually in victim mode.

Why toxic people do toxic things?
It works for them! Why would live your differently if the way you are living it works for you?

For most they love the power they get from getting their own way.
I have rarely met a toxic person who has had a happy childhood. Often, they are jealous of people who are good at what they do or people who are self-sufficient.
We tolerate our toxic relationships — with our friends, with our family — because we think we can change them. But to be honest no one can change unless they want to.
All we can do is learn how to not let them destroy our life.

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