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We Can Only Control Our Own Behaviour


The only person whose behaviour we can control is ourself.

Agree or disagree?

In my opinion no one can make us do or feel anything. We choose to do
and feel, we choose to give up power and give away our freedom of choice.

Yes – choosing to go against a bully or an abuser is very hard (almost impossible at times), BUT it is our choice to let them keep doing what they are doing to us. And yes when we are in an abusive relationship we will comply (choose) until we choose to stop that behaviour (which usually means we end the relationship).

Once we realise we can choose our own behaviour and that other people cannot control us unless we allow them to, we can start living a life that is empowering and be more in control of what we do and feel.

The flip side to this is that we, in turn, cannot control others and of we try to; then we are actually committing an act of abuse on them.

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