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What Is Your Life’s Purpose?

I spoke to a couple of people this week who are struggling with this question “What is my life’s purpose?”

It’s a question most of us have asked at some point in our lives. Some of us get an answer and some of us don’t.

One of the posts I shared on Face Book a while back suggests 5 questions you can ask yourself to get some direction to the question of what my purpose is. I’d like to share them with you.

  1. I am most focused when … (make a list)
  2. My “Top 5 Priorities” in life right now are:
  3. What benefits would I experience in life if I was more focused? (make a list)
  4. What are my barriers to being focused? Where do I get distracted the most?
  5. To get more focused I could … (make a list)

David, I notice that the word focus is mentioned a lot here – is there a reason for this?

Yes, there is a reason.

Focus leads to momentum and momentum leads to an outcome and achieving an outcome gives you purpose!

An Example.

You want to drive from a to b. Getting to be is your focus and travelling to b is momentum and once you have got to b you have achieved an outcome which means you have fulfilled a purpose.

Frankly some of us spend too much time remembering what hasn’t worked rather than trying to work out what might work.

If your focus is on the stuff that didn’t work, then guess what it is unlikely that you will find anything that does work. But if your focus is why it hasn’t worked and how to overcome it – you will most likely find something that will work.

If you lose something you probably won’t see again if you don’t go looking for it. Until you go looking for something you will not find it.

For the two clients that I saw, I sat and listened to their story and agreed with them that things had not gone well for them and thanked them for being brave and making an appointment and admit to someone that life was not going well. I showed them how they were stuck in a world where all of their senses were trying to trash them and using whatever information they came across to prove they were a failure, no good etc.

I then invited them to tell their negative emotions to get lost (do it at least twice a day) and then we brainstormed what the positives of the failures in their life were. Their homework for next session was to see how those positives could help guide them (focus) to their life purpose.

My question to you is “What would your life be like if you had purpose in your life?”

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