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Emotional Crisis

Navigating Emotional Crisis

emotional crisis

Emotions lie at the heart of how we respond to a crisis or change. They’re the starting point for all of the reactions that we have toward the crisis or change. Often a crisis or change can happen suddenly without warning. Events such as a natural disaster or the loss of a job or death of a loved one can bring on a crisis in a short period of time. Sometimes our response can happen gradually over a long period of time.

Our emotions can also be the first obstacle to establishing a positive response to a crisis. That’s why it’s essential to understand the role that emotions play in how we react, the goal being to gain control of and use our emotions in constructive ways when confronted by crises.

If you have a feeling that something’s wrong, you’re probably right.

Our approach is to listen to you and help you discover strategies to cope and start the journey to move on from your crisis.

Telephone and Zoom sessions are available for those living outside Bundaberg. Weekend and out-of-hour appointments are available.

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We do Skype Appointments

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