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Conflict Resolution

Managing Relationship Conflicts

conflict resolution

Conflict arises from disagreement with others about how we should behave/act or even think and feel. Usually, it’s not the conflict that’s the problem, but how we choose to deal with it that brings us negative results and damaged relationships. Properly handled, conflict can lead to a healthy sharing of ideas and opinions and allow us to accommodate new concepts and ideas.

Conflict resolution is the process of trying to find a solution to a conflict.  Ideally conflict resolution is collaborative problem-solving, a cooperative talking-together process that leads to choosing a plan of action that both parties can feel good about.

The first step in resolving the conflict is to discover what’s going on and why it’s happening. Once you know this information, the second step is to match it with an intervention strategy to address its origins and extent.

If both steps haven’t resolved the conflict OR you feel the conflict has advanced too far, then mediation is an option that can be used before starting down the dismissal or legal pathways.

Mediation is a process which employs a range of methods—notably reason and persuasion—to bring the parties to a mutually satisfactory solution. A mediator is a neutral third party acceptable to the contending parties. Mediators seek to clarify the issues, identify what’s at stake for the parties, and employ problem-solving methods and techniques.

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