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My Personality Explained

Understanding Your Personality

my personality explained
Knowing your personality and how you respond, relate and act in the world is very valuable as it gives you an understanding of your strengths and your weaknesses. Knowing our strengths and weaknesses helps us to know where we might irritate others or be of assistance to them.

What is personality? Personality is the individual differences in our patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Do you wonder why you just don’t get along with someone at work, no matter how hard you try?

Do some activities bore or frustrate you?

Not able to find a job you like?

You will learn the strengths of your particular personality and find out the areas which need work. This knowledge is invaluable. You can use this knowledge in all areas of your life including family, work and other relationships. It is merely a tool to aid in understanding both yourself and those with whom you interact.


  • Whoever you are is ok!
  • Your weaknesses will never be your strengths, so don’t waste energy trying to make yourself into something you’re not.
  • Instead, minimise your weaknesses, then play to, and develop your strengths!

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