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Why Choose Us

Why Finding The Light?

We seek to be the person “outside of the problem” who will listen to you. We work with you to identify what is and is not working and walk with you as you discover the path forward from hurt and pain to growth and happiness.

Finding The Light Counselling & Coaching is a fee for service organisation. Our focus is to put you the client first by providing our services and products differently to other counsellors. We do this by:

  1. Returning your phone call within 3 hours of your call during business hours or the next day if you leave a message outside of business hours.
  2. Your first session will be within 7 business days and if we cannot see you face to face within this time, we will offer you a phone session within 48 hours.
  3. Having out of hours appointments at NO EXTRA COST.
  4. Incorporating your Spiritual beliefs at your request into the counselling or coaching process.

As a locally owned and operated business Finding The Light Counselling & Coaching seeks to source wherever possible our supplies from other local businesses.



Appointments are available both during the day and after hours including Saturdays.

To enquire about availability please email us or phone us on 0407 585 497.

Our phone is checked for messages every 2 to 3 hours during business hours and every phone call will be returned the same day it was made. For messages left out of hours – they will be answered the next business day.

We will offer you a phone session no later than 48 hours after our first contact if we are unable to offer you a face to face session within 7 business days of first contact.

A 1st session is normally within 5 business days of you talking to us and a 2nd session is typically 5 to 9 business days after your 1st session. Occasionally due to training and annual leave these times can stretch out by 2 business days.


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