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my career match
Do you know what jobs or careers suit your personality?

Do you know how your personality can contribute to the workplace?

Do you know your strengths and areas of growth?

Do you know how your personality influences your study habits?

If your answer’s NO to any of these—then MYCAREERMATCH™ is for you!

MYCAREERMATCH™ is an online assessment that helps students and job seekers choose a career path that matches their natural gifts and talents.

MYCAREERMATCH™ is an holistic view of potential opportunities and career pathways.

Identifying a person’s natural gifts and talents is the first step in their journey to job satisfaction.

People whose natural talents and strengths are in tune with their careers are more fulfilled and tend to excel at what they do.

Each MYCAREERMATCH™ report will:

  • Deliver tailored career suggestions for each individual;
  • Help students discover their natural gifts and talents;
  • Provide career options that may not have been considered;
  • Reinforce strengths and help students build confidence and self-esteem; and
  • Provide content for resumes and job applications.

Our MYCAREERMATCH™ Personality Profile involves:

  • Taking an online questionnaire; and
  • 2 x 75-minute sessions where we discuss your profile and help you through a workbook using your profile results.

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