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Conflict Resolution

Managing Conflict

conflict resolution

Workplace conflict occurs when an individual’s ideas, decisions or actions relating directly to their job are not aligned with the organisation’s viewpoint, or when two or more people just don’t get along.

Workplace conflict arises from two sources: organisational factors or individual factors. Often conflict is seen as an individual’s issue/ fault/ problem when it can be organisational factors (such as poor leadership, bullying, poor decision making, lack of communication, impossible deadlines or not providing the proper tools to get the job done) that make it appear like an individual’s issue.

The first step in resolving the conflict is to discover what is going on and why it is happening.

Once you know this information, the second step is to match it with an intervention strategy which addresses its origins and extent.

These strategies include:

  • Offering counselling to the individual/s involved.
  • Reducing stress triggers in the workplace.
  • Developing new or improved communication practices or systems.
  • Clarifying individual job roles and accountabilities.
  • Establishing and creating ownership of a corporate vision or related over-arching goal which reconciles the interests of the parties.
  • Where staff members are required to collaborate, ensuring that goal and reward structures are cooperative rather than competitive.
  • Establishing or improving grievance procedures.

If you have implemented the above strategies and they have not resolved the conflict OR you feel the conflict has advanced too far, then mediation is an option that can be utilised before starting down the dismissal or legal pathways.

Mediation is a process which employs a range of methods — notably reason and persuasion — to bring the parties to a mutually satisfactory solution.

A mediator is a neutral third party acceptable to the contending parties.

Mediators seek to clarify the issues, identify what is at stake for the parties, and employ problem-solving methods and techniques.

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