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The Three Golden Gates

Before you say anything to anybody you should see if it can pass successfully through all three of the golden gates. If it couldn’t make it through all three gates it was probably not something that should be spoken at all. The first golden gate is, Is It True. For...

A Good Communication Technique to Try

We are social beings and interact with people every day of our life and our happiness depends on how the interactions with others turns out. To have good management of relationships, we need to be assertive and honest in sharing our thoughts, feelings, and concerns....

Helping someone at risk of suicide

Over the last few weeks, I have conducted a few debriefs where someone has suicided or attempted suicide. So, I thought it might be helpful share with you how you might support someone at risk of suicide. Do something now – If you are concerned that someone you know...

We do Skype Appointments

Is distance a problem? If you live in another city, state, or country (yes, we do have overseas clients), we offer appointments via Skype or phone.


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