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Feeling Empty

That feeling of emptiness. It’s right there in your chest, yet you’re unsure how it came about. Is it sadness? Depression? Boredom? It may be a bit of each. Feeling this way is not uncommon. You might call it “feeling empty,” while someone else might call it something different. What matters is that it’s real, valid. Although overwhelming, it can be managed.

Uncovering what’s lying underneath this emptiness feeling is not always straightforward. This feeling of can last a few days and then resolve itself. Or it might linger for weeks.

Why do I feel empty?
Feeling empty can sometimes manifest as a sense of loneliness, confusion about your life and goals, or lack of motivation to pursue anything in life. Most of us can feel this void from time to time. The experience could have many causes, including shifting hormonal levels, losing a job, or the required physical distancing that comes with the pandemic. Any life stage or situation that requires you to reflect on yourself and your life can lead to a temporary feeling of emptiness.

Losing touch with yourself
It’s not unusual for someone to lose touch with themselves. Lack of insight into yourself can lead to a lingering emptiness feeling. Some call this “living without a purpose.” It means that you might not have clarity on the type of person you are or the one you want to become. Not having specific goals or dreams to achieve can also lead you to feel empty. Losing touch with yourself can come from many circumstances. For example, a draining relationship or job.

Unresolved past experiences
Sometimes, feeling empty can be about a long grieving process that you haven’t resolved. For example, a painful experience in your childhood or a sense of abandonment. When we don’t openly talk or explore emotions that have been with us for a long time, they might manifest in other ways. Even if it feels overwhelming and painful, thinking and talking about significant past events that caused you grief can help you process them.

Not taking care of yourself
For some people taking care of others may come first. Which can lead them putting their needs aside. This can lead to feeling empty. Making others happy does not make you happy. It’s important to consider that supporting others does stop you looking after yourself. Everyone needs support and care, including you. When your needs are fulfilled, you are better equipped to help and support others. Abandoning yourself, not listening to your own hopes and desires, could make you feel empty. Social media accounts you follow might portray a lifestyle that’s not realistic which can lead you to compare yourself to others and feel empty.

Not having significant relationships
Maintaining close and good relationships is one an important aspect of being human. It’s not about how many relationships or friends you have but rather the quality of these relationships. Emotional intimacy, support, active listening, and company are all important. When these are missing in your life, it could lead to feelings of emptiness and loneliness.

Which of these do you need tackle first?

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