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Before Your start a New Relationship

Usually, a person does one of three things after a relationship has ended permanently.

They rush into another relationship asap or say they will never get into a relationship ever again or avoid getting into another relationship for a long period of time.

Before you go into another relationship, I’d like to give you some questions to ask yourself, so you reduce the risk of the next relationship being hurtful like the last one.

1. What do I want in a relationship?

2. What don’t I want in a relationship?

3. Why are my answers in questions 1 and 2 so important that I must have or must not have them?

4. Which ones will I not back down from?

5. How will I measure them (how will I know my prospective partner is, has or isn’t the things from question 4)?

These questions might seem simplistic, but they have helped over 300 hundred people to make better choices in choosing who they get into a relationship with.

I’m not saying if you abide by the results of these questions that your next relationship will be happy ever after, BUT you will reduce the risk of being in a relationship that ends poorly like the last one.

Let me know what you have put in place to make sure your next relationship will go better?

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