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7 Reasons Why Someone Cheats

Have you ever wondered why some people cheat on their partners?
There are many reasons why people cheat but most can be grouped into one of 7 reasons.
#1 My partner made me do it.
The relationship is dead with no or not much sex. We have grown apart and the spark is gone. Not much happens in the relationship and the cheating was not planned – it just happened.
#2 I couldn’t say no.
Some people find it hard to say no when something (in this case, cheating) grabs their attention. They tend to live life doing/thinking about things that will make them feel good regardless of the cost of fulfilling their desires.
#3 It was there for the taking.
Some people have a history of flirting and sexual conquests and don’t see why they should not avail themselves of any opportunity that arises. The thrill of the chase and making it happen are what counts.
#4 I have fallen out of love.
This person has found someone else who makes them feel loved. The perfect relationship means they feel in love all the time.
#5 Revenge
This is about punishing the other person in the relationship for hurting or ignoring them. Working long hours, neglecting the kids, not being supported through a death or sickness are the common ones I see.
#6 Ego
Some people need to reassure themselves that they are still desirable to others. Flirting and having others flirt back says I still have what it takes to attract others. Being in a long-term relationship is not enough to satisfy their ego.
#7 Friends with benefits.
These people don’t like the closeness that comes from being in close relationship. They are not comfortable being with one partner all the time and committed to making it work. Having sex outside a relationship means there is a less chance of becoming emotionally attached.

Although there can be the drug or alcohol-fuelled one night stand, most affairs are not planned but happen as the result of one or more of the above reasons.

Knowing these reasons will not stop the hurt and pain from being cheated on. But it does help you to understand some of the whys of why it happened.

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