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The Obstacle Is The Way

When we face an obstacle, we tend to respond with fear, frustration, confusion, helplessness, depression, or anger. Why is it that some people get paralysed by obstacles and others seem to thrive on them? In his book The Obstacle Is The Way, Ryan Holiday tells us overcoming obstacles is a discipline of three critical steps. Perception Perception is how we see and understand what occurs around us. It’s also how we decide what those events... read more

5 Ways to Save Your Relationship

Most of us search for ways to make our marriages and our lives better. Sometimes problems come out of nowhere causing us to shift our focus away from making things better, to merely trying to save things. Often it seems the more we try to save one, we lose our grip on the other. It feels as though saving one and, in the process losing the other, is still losing. The following 5 tips will benefit both your life and marriage. It may sound... read more

Using our Regrets

In his book The Power of Regret, Daniel Pink says we all have regrets and if you are willing, they can work for us, instead of against us. If our regrets make us human, how do we use them to become better and happier people? For action regrets, we need to take immediate steps to make the situation better. Here’s how to do it in two steps. Step #1: Undo it. If the action can be undone, undo it. Even if some damage has been done, you still... read more

The Power of Regret

We all have regrets, and that is ok, it is also a natural human emotion that helps us thrive, if you are willing to let it. That’s the message of the book The Power of Regret by Daniel Pink. Regret makes us human and makes us better. At its core, regret is a negative emotion, with two additional elements – comparison and blame. First, when we compare our current state with “what might have been if only…,” we get... read more

We do Skype Appointments

Is distance a problem? If you live in another city, state, or country (yes, we do have overseas clients), we offer appointments via Skype or phone.


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