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5 Steps to Embracing Your Loneliness

Loneliness is something most people try to avoid. But being alone is an inevitable part of life. It happens to everyone at some time or another. It is important to be able to separate solitude from loneliness and to understand what is behind your feelings so you can embrace being alone. Work Out the Root Cause of Your Fear of Loneliness Some scientists believe loneliness is a basic emotion on a par with fear and anger. Being part of a group or... read more

7 Types of Loneliness

As we approach the Christmas New Year period, I’m reminded that many people who feel lonely, feel even more lonely at this time of the year. Loneliness is an intense empty, sad, sinking or burning feeling within. Loneliness is something you can’t avoid in life. There will be times when you feel lonely, but you can deal with if you identify the source of why you are feeling lonely. ‘New Kid’ Loneliness Like being the new kid at school, there are... read more

12 Ways to Survive Your Dysfunctional Family Christmas

Spending time with our families especially at Christmas can be trying. Many of my clients feel a sense of dread thinking about the family getting together and dealing with the ex as well. To help you survive the Christmas New Year period I offer 12 ways to make it harder to have your family get together end up in a brawl. Keep it short and sweet Don’t feel pressured to stay too long. If you know things will start to go downhill after a few... read more

6 Ways to Make Better Choices

How can we make better choices? First, you can make better choices by becoming an expert in a subject. Do you want to become an expert in making financial decisions? Become an expert financial advisor. However, as much as we’d like to become experts about every decision we need to make during the course of our lifetime, the reality is that we can’t. So, we need some other ways to make choices in areas that we are not experts in. Second, we can... read more

We do Skype Appointments

Is distance a problem? If you live in another city, state, or country (yes, we do have overseas clients), we offer appointments via Skype or phone.


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