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Strategies for Managing Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia. On average, one in four people – one in three women and one in five men – will experience anxiety at some stage in their life. In a 12-month period, over two million Australians experience anxiety. For every 13 people at least one person will have anxiety. Since Covid has entered our lives, I have noticed most of my clients are presenting with anxiety or are feeling anxious. The... read more

How To Get Past Guilt!

Guilt is an issue that often pops up in my sessions with clients. Healthy guilt warns us to stop a negative behaviour and push/encourage us towards a positive behaviour. But when our guilt becomes excessive (constant condemning message in our head) it actually creates a vicious cycle which reinforces the habit we feel guilty about! We feel bad, so we comfort eat, drink too much, work long hours or starve ourselves. Then we feel guilty, so to... read more

Best Self – SPHERES

SPHERES is an acronym that looks at every area of a person’s life to help him or her identify their strengths and weaknesses. It comes from the book Best Self by Mike Bayer. Social Life Think about your behaviours that contribute to a positive social life. What is it about your behaviours that keeps you from what you want in your social life? How do you modify your behaviour to make your social life feel like a 10. Personal Life Pay attention... read more

Your Best Self

We are the common denominator in all areas of our life. Everything begins and ends with us being our best self.  In his book Best Self Mike Bayer says if we are willing to do the work, and admit that there is work to do, we can become our Best Self. Our genes and our upbringing shapes who we are. Often, people stop learning and questioning themselves at a certain point and simply coast through life. That is not your Best Self. To start the... read more

What is Perception?

Perception is how we see and understand what occurs around us. It’s also how we decide what those events mean to us and how we respond to them. In his book The Obstacle Is The Way, Ryan Holiday says perception is essential to overcome obstacles that stop us or slows us down from achieving what we want in our lives. By changing how you see things can help greatly to overcome them. To this Holiday suggests: Be objective Obstacles are... read more

We do Skype Appointments

Is distance a problem? If you live in another city, state, or country (yes, we do have overseas clients), we offer appointments via Skype or phone.


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