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Remember 2016 with 4 Cool* Tips!

  The year of 2016 is almost finished. It will soon be in the past. So before we start talking about 2017 – the New Year – let’s stop and remember the ‘old year’ from an objective viewpoint. Why? Because if we don’t learn from the mistakes of our past, we will most likely repeat them.  And now is the best time to do it! Please grab a coffee and sit in a quiet spot with pen and paper, to gain the most benefit from your 2016 review. It won’t... read more

10 Tips for a Great Family Christmas

Christmas can cause stress as families get together. We spend time with those who are supposed to be close to us, but there can be friction caused by alcohol, arguments, finances, unresolved issues, and so on. The family Christmas we look forward to can become our worst nightmare. On the other hand, Christmas can be a time for setting aside everyday stresses and enjoying time spent relaxing with friends and family. Although Christmas is now... read more

Your Health Affects Your Wealth

You know how important it is to make the workplace mentally healthy for employees. But have you considered how important YOUR mental health is? Not only for yourself, but for your business. According to Patrice O’Brien (head of workplace engagement at beyondblue), about 60% of small business owners are sole operators which means a lot of people are working on their own. Working in a microbusiness with only a few staff may bring feelings of... read more

8 Tips to Avoid Burnout in Ministry

Christmas is almost here and you have so many things to do … how do you avoid burnout? How do you face a new year and avoid a repeat? Here are 8 simple tips to keep you healthy for your family and your ministry. Create and implement rituals. Create daily and weekly rituals to maintain your well-being. Never neglect your daily time with God. Remember that taking “time out” will make you more effective and productive. This also includes having... read more

We do Skype Appointments

Is distance a problem? If you live in another city, state, or country (yes, we do have overseas clients), we offer appointments via Skype or phone.


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