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Overcoming Worry: 3 Keys for Achieving Peace of Mind

Would you like to be free of worry?

To breeze through life without stress?

To be able to remain calm and serene no matter what life brings you?

You need 3 Keys and a Keyring:
The first key is wisdom.
The next key is courage.
The third key is acceptance.

Now you always have the three keys that will help you to do life!

How do they work?

Have you heard of the serenity prayer?
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

It contains these three keys – acceptance, courage and wisdom.

When we encounter a problem and look for a key, the first key we should use is Wisdom.

The wisdom of being aware of the situation and of our feelings. This helps us see everything clearly and to understand what we need to do.

Once you have applied wisdom and know what to do, you reach for the second key – Courage.

We need courage to get the strength to do what we can do. When we’ve done what we can do, we reach for the final key, Acceptance.

Acceptance helps us let go and relax. You can relax because after you’ve applied wisdom to do what the situation requires, and you’ve used your courage to do what needs to be done and done all you can do, you put your keys back in your pocket knowing that things will be okay.

The Keyring – The Final Piece
You will probably find that you are naturally more comfortable with either holding on or letting go. But to use your keys to unlock your happiness you need to be able to do both. The beauty of these strategies is that it includes both parts.

Doing what you can, takes courage – this is taking responsibility – the “holding on” part. The people that are good at holding on need to learn how to let go.

Accepting – is the “letting go” part.

The people that are good at letting go need to learn how to hold on, or they’ll end up empty handed!

Don’t worry if you have difficulties holding on or letting go, because “Life” brings us the opportunities to practice the stuff we’re not so good at!

Don’t Get Discouraged

Human brains are in love with worry, so when you find your worries arising again, just keep applying the 3 Keys until your brain gets the message.

  1. Wisdom.
  2. Courage.
  3. Acceptance.
  4. Rinse and repeat!

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