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Changing When Change is Hard

Change is a part of our lives. How we deal with change is often a determining factor in how happy and successful we are. Sometimes we get lucky, and change is gradual or even easy. Other times, change is hard, overwhelming, or downright scary. This kind of change will have a serious impact on our lives when we embrace it. How do we do that, though? Follow these nine tips to find out how.

1. Make Change Normal
It would help if you changed your attitude about change in general. If you fear even the smallest change, how do you think you will react when changing is hard? Start fostering a more positive attitude towards change. Get used to embracing the easy changes in your life, so your mind is prepared for the hard ones.

2. Not Changing Is Just as Hard
Whenever change gets hard or overwhelming, try to think about what would happen if you didn’t change. Quite often, the pain of not changing outweighs the comfort of not trying to change. If you need the motivation to change, imagine what would happen if you didn’t.

3. Bring a Friend Along
If you are struggling with making a big change in your life, it can help to bring a friend (or more!) along for the ride. For example, maybe you haven’t been able to change to a healthier lifestyle. You might want to see if any of your friends are also struggling with this change. Doing it together might make things easier, and you will find yourself accountable to each other.

4. What Can and Can’t You Control?
If you are struggling because some sort of massive change is brewing in your life, take some time to reflect. Think about what aspects of this change you can control, and which aspects are out of your hand. Once that is done, focus solely on the things you have control over. This way, you aren’t wasting energy, and you are making sure this life transition will go as smoothly as possible.

5. Keep a Journal
Journaling is a wonderful way to deal with change, especially if you have struggled to deal with it. Journaling allows you a safe space to get all your thoughts and fears out. You will find that some of your trepidation dissipates when the fears from your head are put on paper.

6. Trust Yourself
A lot of the reason people struggle to change is that they don’t believe in themselves. They don’t believe they deserve “good change,” and they don’t think they can handle any sort of negative change. Work on boosting your self-esteem first, then you will naturally be more open to change.

7. Your Basic Needs Still Matter
When dealing with a big change, or life transition, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Some changes are so big that they are almost all-consuming, but you can’t forget your most basic needs. Sleep, diet, and exercise shouldn’t be tossed aside because you are too worried about change.

8. Make a Plan
Change is often scary because it is the unknown. You might be comfortable in your life now, and you aren’t sure what happens when things change. If that sounds like you, then make a plan. Creating a plan of action to deal with a specific change will make it easier for you to make that change when the time comes.

9. Failure Isn’t The End
A lot of people find making a change hard because they fear failing. This is because we have been taught about failure all wrong. Failure isn’t the end. It’s simply a signal for you to try something different.

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