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How to find insights and resources that inspire you

find-insightsThe Naked CEO is a book written by the current CEO of CPA Australia Alex Malley and in the November 2014 Issue of CPA Australia magazine, 9 points were listed on How to find insights and resources that inspire you. My summary of them follows.

  1. Know that resources abound – you can gain insights anywhere; reading, talking, listening and then reflecting.
  2. Be inventive – grab a successful idea you have heard or read about and let your creative juices think about how you could make it have more impact. Doing this regularly will expand your mind.
  3. Capture your ideas – always carry a pen and paper or use your phone to jot down ideas as they come to you.
  4. Value every environment – talking to someone you don’t know can give you another perspective or just going for a walk can help clear your mind and think freely.
  5. Break down barriers – write down whatever comes into your head on a topic that interest for ten minutes.
  6. Hone your observation skills – body language can often tell you more than the words you are hearing.
  7. So start asking yourself why things are the way they are around you – be curious, the more questions you ask and explore the more likely you will generate new ideas.
  8. Not everyone wants to play – not everyone is willing to share their personal insights or ideas.
  9. Break bad habits – you can only learn so much from one person you sit next to, find others to sit next to.
  10. Find out more – new ideas happen every day, so be on the look for them.

The link to the book, The Naked CEO

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