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Slow life down

Life is busy! It is full of deadlines, things we forgot about or things that have just appeared for us to do NOW!

To save time we get takeaway coffee, eat fast food, eat lunch at our desk (or don’t eat it at all) or don’t drink too much water so we limit visits to the toilet.

These all save time, BUT they also cause stress to our bodies as we greatly reduce the time we have to relax during the day.

Eating lunch at our desk means we are not taking a break and are making eating just another thing we have to do rather than eating being a thing of pleasure and nourishment.

Not drinking enough water puts stress on our body. We need to drink more water than coffee, tea and soft drink. Place a litre bottle of water on our desk and have it all drunk before we finish work for the day.

Spend five minutes eating lunch away from our desk so that we actually have a lunch break.

These two simple things will ease the stress our body is placed under during the day.

What other simple things could YOU do during the day to give yourself a few minutes’ break? Feel free to post comments below.


Keep calm and slow down

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