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The power of personal choice

All that you do or not do in your life comes from choice. You dis-empower yourself by feeling that you are not in control of your situation. Freedom is knowing that you have choice.

You can justify your situation by saying, “I have no choice” “I can’t do anything to change my circumstances” “there is nothing I can do” etc. That is a false belief. You choose how you see your situation; there is never a situation in which you do not have a choice.

Yes, with each choice, there is a consequence and a price to be paid. So, it is not that you do not have a choice you are only choosing what price you are prepared to pay.

If you are currently in a working situation in which you are unhappy, you can make several choices.

You can choose to stay because you are fearful of change, of the economy or whether you can find another job. The price you pay for this choice is feeling bored, angry, hopeless, lethargy, and depression. Eventually this will affect other areas of your life.

The simple act of using an empowering thought can create a change in how you see your situation. “I will stay in this job because it provides me with an income at this time. I will keep my eyes open for new opportunities and this is a temporary situation, that I can choose again at any time”.

What about relationships?

You can choose to stay in an unhappy or abusive relationship. Complain about how miserable you are and how you cannot leave the relationship for various reasons. You can justify and make excuses for your circumstances.

You can choose to stay in the relationship with the affirmation of “I love this person and I choose to make our relationship work and focus on the positives. If after a while I am still unhappy and see that the situation will not change, then I can choose again”.

You can choose to leave the relationship and understand that this choice may lead to some pain and loneliness for a short time. You may feel sadness and loss, yet with that will come an undeniable sense of freedom. Your affirmation might be “I am choosing to leave this relationship/friendship because it is not healthy for me to be in it.”

When you use the words choose or choice in an affirmation you are drawing a line in the sand and deciding to do something.

I choose to xx and it is my choice to xx is how we do life whether we conscious of it or not!

Please reach out if you need help to make better choices.

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