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Managing Stress

Often the end of the year leaves us feeling stressed.

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes us feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress is your body’s reaction to a challenge or demand.

In short bursts, stress can be positive, such as when it helps you avoid danger or meet a deadline.

However, having stress in your body for long periods of time can affect us in many ways like eating more carbs, eating more sweet food, eating less food, drinking more caffeine or alcohol, smoking more, use of illegal drugs, sleeping less, broken sleep, migraines, back pain, neck pain, taking longer to heal from a cold or a cut on the finger, feeling tired and feeling unmotivated. All of these can be a sign you are stressed, and your body is not coping.

Not a fun place to be living in, with no instant fixes.

Removing or reducing the thing or things that cause us stress is the first step to reducing your stress.

Next you need to eat and drink healthier, with some sort of physical activity like just walking the dog or going for a five to ten minute walk each day.

How different would your life be if you were not drowning in stress?


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