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Don’t get trashed

Some days are just hard. If we acknowledge that some days are hard and let those days trash us then it will take much more effort to get through that day.

Why do we let bad days trash us? A poor night’s sleep, having a cold or hearing some bad news will make our day tough and hard to get through.

If we let our headache or feeling tired ruin our day then they will make that day “the day where everything went wrong”.

But if we start the day knowing it will be hard then we can make the deliberate decision to avoid letting these things make our day get harder or become a disaster.

These things (also feeling and thoughts that tell us the day will be hard) are warning signs that we need to take extra care of ourselves today. Treating ourselves to a sit down coffee or actually taking our 30 minute lunch break or our 10 minute morning tea break rather than working through our breaks will make a tough day a little easier to get through.


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Finding the Light is a locally owned and operated counselling and life coaching business based in Bundaberg. We seek to empower our clients to find their way forward to a better life by using the approaches of counselling or coaching. If this blog article has raised more questions please contact us by email or call us on 0407 585 497 to arrange a time for us to discuss the article. Mention this blog and we will give you a FREE 30 minute session to discuss.

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