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Employer Engagement Leads to a Healthy Workplace

Employees Engage - meme graphic featuring Captain John Picard

If only employee engagement was as easy as saying this.

Considerable evidence indicates that increased levels of stress in a workplace can lead to mental distress.

Employees in workplaces with high psychosocial* risk are more likely to have mental disorders. Workplaces that do not attend to psychosocial risks are likely to make existing employee conditions worse and impede efforts toward effective treatment and rehabilitation.

A supportive work environment reduces the onset, severity, impact and duration of mental disorders. Organisations that make the effort to address psychosocial risks and create psychologically healthy workplace will have healthier, happier employees, and are likely to reap benefits in productivity, sustainability and growth.

Rather than “employees engage” – it should be “employers engage”.

*(The mind’s ability to consciously or unconsciously adjust and relate the body to its social environment)

Adapted from The 2016 Workplace Mental Health Program

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