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Employer Engagement Leads to a Healthy Workplace

If only employee engagement was as easy as saying this. Considerable evidence indicates that increased levels of stress in a workplace can lead to mental distress. Employees in workplaces with high psychosocial* risk are more likely to have mental disorders. Workplaces that do not attend to psychosocial risks are likely to make existing employee conditions worse and impede efforts toward effective treatment and rehabilitation. A supportive work... read more

Is your workplace affected by sleep?

I recently gave a talk to the Bundaberg/Maryborough Transport Safety Network meeting about Coping with Stress. One of the issues identified by the group was poor sleep. One of the members shared with the group that they now have a questionnaire regarding sleep included with their drivers’ initial and annual medicals.  Since doing this there has been a noticeable improvement of less irritability amongst employees. So what is the deal about... read more

We do Skype Appointments

Is distance a problem? If you live in another city, state, or country (yes, we do have overseas clients), we offer appointments via Skype or phone.


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